Liberte Eau Claire Condominiums



  • chevron_rightWhat does a Board of Directors do?
    A condominium corporation periodically elects a board of directors from the individual unit owners in the condominium. The members of the board of directors usually serve on a volunteer basis.
    The board of directors acts as the governing body for the condominium project and has great powers under the Condominium Act. They have control over what is permitted to take place within individual units and what is permitted to take place with respect to the common elements.
  • chevron_rightWhat does the Property Manager do?
    A board of directors typically grants the power to make day-to-day decisions to a property management company. In most cases, the property management company acts as a legally appointed agent for the board of directors.
  • chevron_rightWho is the Landlord in a Condominium?
    The only "landlord" currently recognized by the Residential Tenancies Act is the owner of the residential unit which the tenant occupies. The term "landlord" has not been expanded to include condominium corporations even though condominium corporations hold exclusive control over the common elements of the "residential complex".
  • chevron_rightCan a unit owner control the common elements of a condominium?
    Since condominium corporations are controlled by democratically elected boards of directors, an owner can exercise their vote for the board of directors, which would then control the activities of the condominium corporation with respect to the common elements. We call this idea "voting-right control".